Why Should we use Spiral Hose Guard?


Now, more and more rubber hoses are wrapped by Spiral Hose Guard. It offers good protection for rubber hose.

The rubber hoses fixed on Building Construction Machinery, Road Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Port Machinery and many other Machinery use environment relatively bad, is often impacted, friction, ultraviolet irradiation in long time, bring of using time is relatively short, frequent replacement to users increase of work and increase of cost, if the rubber hose is impacted by stone led to be fractured, extremely possible made a accident, the consequences are serious.

Spiral Hose Guard (Spiral Hose Protector) can protect the rubber hose from abrasion, shocks, UV and general rubbing. It is made in raw PP material, this material is UV-protected, and resistant to acids, oils and solvents, usable in temperatures from -50°C up to +100°C.

Fix Spiral Hose Guard on rubber hose can effectively extend the service life of rubber hose, reduce frequent change hose workload, and greatly reduce the cost.



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