The Method of Identify Spiral Guard with Good Quality or Bad Quality


Do you have such a puzzle? Intend to purchase a number of spiral protective cover, found a lot of sellers, got different prices, so, you are not sure which vendor is the best choice. Let me tell you how to choose the best spiral guard.
Observation 1: It looks like smooth or uneven surface?
Analysis: from a professional point of view, the better the molecular weight of polypropylene raw materials is smaller, which will be made into high quality spiral guard with smooth surface. So if you find the surface of hose guard is rugged, there are burrs, protrusions, etc., it no doubt was made by disused material or mixed disused reclaimed materials.
Phenomenon 2: pungent or tasteless
Analysis: spiral protective sleeve raw material itself is colorless and tasteless, and its color is produced in the production process to produce color masterbatch produced. Why do some spiral protective sleeve will have pungent smell? Waste rubber recycling needs to be crushed and recycled, in the process to add other chemicals, coupled with a series of processing, there will be pungent odor.
Phenomenon 3: thick or moderate
Analysis: I bought a special thick hose, sure grinding is not bad, when the installation of difficult points, the fact is this? actually not. Take two different raw materials of the protective cover to rub in the uneven ground, too thick protective cover wear area is greater, more serious degree of wear. This is because the recycled material wear resistance significantly reduced. Too thick protective cover is not necessarily more wearable and difficult to install.
Phenomenon 4: stretch or recovery
Analysis: Forced to stretch screw protection sleeve, quickly restore the original protective cover can be assured to buy. After stretching the protective cover gap becomes large, can not restore the status quo, then try to avoid buying. Because in the course of use, it is easy to produce gaps, can not protect the internal pipeline.
I hope these tips can help you to buy good quality, reasonable price of the spiral protective cover!



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