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Now people choose products no longer only pay attention to the price, but pay more attention to the quality of products and cost-effective, good price is not really good, high value material is really good. Qinghe Great Wall Co. has been committed to improving the quality of products and the value of their own since 2004, since the research and development of hydraulic hose spiral protective sleeve, the company has been adhering to the development concept of providing customers with the best quality and the most appropriate products.
Qinghe Great Wall Co. use modified polypropylene raw materials to produce spiral guard, the raw material is with Shanghai rubber research institute to develop a high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, prevent bask in, the impact of high quality raw materials, the raw material than 30% higher than that of ordinary raw material properties on the market, compared with inferior recycling material is more than 60%.Not only high performance, and the weight is relatively light 10%-30%, so that the spiral protective sleeve installed on the hydraulic tubing will not significantly increase their own weight, pipe fittings and hose connection is safer. Although the cost and price is relatively high, but the cost performance will be much higher!
Since 2004, the company has not been provided with spiral protective guard wrap by Sany Heavy Industry, and has been rated as qualified supplier for several consecutive years. In 2013, the company was rated as excellent supplier, and it is the only one among Sany Heavy Industry's rubber and plastic suppliers.
Qinghe Great Wall, quality assurance!



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